Siu Lim Tau

1. Siu Lim Tau comes first; Do not force progress in training.
2. A weak body must start with strength improvement.
3. Do not keep any bad habit.
4. Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma – Train the chi by controlling the Tan Tien.
5. To maintain good balance of strength, grip the ground with the toes.
6. To release chi from the Tan Tien, will enable proper release of power.
7. Sink the elbow and drop the shoulders; Guarding the centerline to protect both flanks.
8. There are one hundred and eight moves, all practical and real; Thousands of variations can be used, aiming for practical use and not beauty.
9. Internally develop the chi; externally train the tendons, bones and muscles.
10. Tan Sau, Bong Sau, Fook Sau, Wu Sau, and Huen Sau; their wonder grows with practice.
11. Each movement must be clear and crisp. Timing must be observed.
12. Practice once a day, more will cause no harm.

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