Wing Chun Maxims

1. Retain what comes in, send off what retreats. Rush in on loss of hand contact.
2. Do not be lax when your opponent is not advancing.
3. Once your opponent moves, his center of gravity changes.
4. Make the first move to have control. Attack according to timing.
5. Timing is achieved through practice.
6. A strong attitude and posture gives an advantage over your opponent.
7. Being alert and adapting to the situation allows maximum results for minimum effort.
8. The body follows the movement of the hands. The waist and the stance move together.
9. Complement the hands with posture to make good use of the centerline.
10. The eyes and the mind travel together, paying attention to leading edge of attack.
11. Charge into the opponent. Execute three moves together.
12. Strike any presented posture if it is there. Otherwise strike where you see motion.
13. Beware of sneak attacks, leakage attacks and invisible centerline attacks.
14. Soft and relaxed strength will put your opponent in jeopardy.
15. Coordinate the hands and feet. Movement is together.
16. Do not take risks and you will always connect to the target.
17. Have confidence and your calmness will dominate the situation.
18. Occupy the inner gate to strike deep into the defense.
19. To win in an instant is a superior achievement.
20. The Yin Yang principle should be thoroughly understood.
21. The theory of Wing Chun has no limit in it applications.
22. Be humble to request your teacher for guidance.
23. Understand the principles for your training.
24. Upon achieving the highest level of proficiency, the application of techniques will vary according to the opponent.

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